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Generate true-to-life data to thoroughly test your systems.

Need some fake data to test your app? Faker lets you generate 500,000 rows of realistic fake data in a variety of formats like Excel, JSON, CSV, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and Oracle.

Download data directly from your browser or sign in to create your own fake data driven REST APIs.

With three comprehensive plans beginning at just $25.00 a month, Faker Cloud is the industry standard for effective fake test data.

100 max rows. Upgrade Your Plan to Increase Limit.

About Us

We are the team behind the industry accepted Faker.js open-source library. We've been writing open-source software for over twenty years and know what developers need when it comes to quality tooling.

  • We are the Builders of Faker.js
  • We are the experts in Fake Data
  • We are dedicated to quality Developer Tooling

Generating unique and realistic fake data at scale is a complex technical problem which we have been working on solving for over a decade. Our software supports 45+ localities and hundreds of API properties. We have thousands of active contributors and are constantly improving our features to better serve the needs of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When developing an application, testing the functionality, strength, and integrity is a vital step if you want to create a high quality application. Such an application must withstand the rigorous usage of many users at once. Such a high volume of users will fill your database with information. This, in turn, will stress your code and put your application to the test. Old fashioned, hand entered data as a means of testing your application is ineffective and outdated.

Why is test data so vital?

To keep up with the dynamic growth in the industry and the technical demands of the 21st century, it is vital to simulate the high volume and wide variety of data that your app must be equipped to handle. Anything less will lead to inconclusive testing that is inadequate in the face of real world usage patterns. In short, inconclusive testing leads to bugs, glitches, crashes, and an overall inferior product. We are here to make sure your application can stand up in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why automate your test data?

Old fashioned, hand entered data as a means of testing your application is ineffective and outdated. Faker allows you to automatically generate thousands of unique data rows for testing your application. This fake data can then be downloaded in all common industry accepted data formats or accessed in real-time through our web based API.

Why use Realistic Test Data?

Realistic fake data leads to more conclusive testing because it allows for a wider variety of testing. The more realistic the fake data is, the more variety will be present in that data. A prime example of such variety includes characters such as apostrophes and other wide ranging characters that have the potential to not interface well with your code. Our tools provide conclusive testing to catch potential errors in ways that other similar products fail to do. Our realistic fake data generation strengthens apps to the core by helping you catch errors during production and development, leading to a successful and glitch free release.

Why Faker Cloud?

There are many other data mocking libraries available on the market for a wide range of languages and platforms. However, these platforms are time consuming, and lack the user friendliness of our interface. In addition, many of the leading platforms are actually based on our interface, as our developers were early innovators in the technology. With over ten years of innovation and strategy in the development of these technologies, our platform is the superior choice for any developer looking to load large amounts of randomly generated test data into a test environment with specified controls in an easy, time efficient, user friendly fashion. Accept no cheap imitations. Choose Faker today.

Why use Faker Cloud and not Faker.js?

You should use faker.js. We use it everyday. It's a great library! What Faker Cloud allows developers to do is avoid having to program any code or setup any local development environments for creating fake test data. You can quickly generate a spreadsheet of data to download, or hoist a simple API endpoint on a hosted Faker Cloud URL.

How is Quantum Randomness ensured?

Through a strategic partnership with the Australian National University QNRG, Faker Cloud can now query for quantum randomness and feed that as a seed to Faker's Mersenne Twister PNRG. In short, this means a new milestone has been reached in the level of fake data testing, brought to you exclusively by Faker Cloud. Accept no substitute.